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A collaboration between Artistic Director Itai Erdal, Multidisciplinary Artist Dima Alansari and Director Ker Wells.

This is Not a Conversation is a personal journey for Itai and Dima. In this new work, they will explore the conflict between their cultures and examine what is happening in their homelands, while challenging each other's deeply ingrained values and beliefs.

Itai was born in Israel and lived there until the age of 25. Like most Israelis, he served three years in the military. For some of that time he was stationed in Palestine and Lebanon, where he came face to face with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since he moved to Canada in 1999, the situation in Palestine has only gotten worse, with a lot of pessimism amongst Palestinians and the much-maligned Israeli left.

Dima was born in Lebanon to a Palestinian family. Her great grandfather was the mufti for the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third most holiest place for Muslims, and her grandfather fled to Lebanon when Israel conquered East Jerusalem in 1967. She was in Beirut in 1982 when the Israelis invaded Lebanon. Her family was forced to move to Kuwait, where they remained until Saddam Hussein invaded in 1991.

What happens when you put Dima and Itai on stage together? Both are natural storytellers and improvisers who are at ease ad-libbing in front of audiences. Both are combative and very passionate about this conflict. And both know a lot about the political context and history of the Middle East, of which few people in Canada have any real or nuanced understanding. They will be collaborating with Ker Wells, who has extensive experience in creating devised theatre and will steer the ship and provide the Canadian angle.

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Point Counter Point

Point Counter PointPoint Counter Point

Point Counter PointPoint Counter Point

A collaboration between Artistic Director Itai Erdal, Writer/Performer TJ Dawe and Director Rachel Peake.

Do you remember having to open an encyclopedia when you wanted to know something? Did you have a pen pal when you were growing up? YouTube was only founded in 2005. Facebook didn't go viral until 2006. And yet most Canadians cannot imagine their life without them. How do we navigate the multiple streams of technology we participate in every day in order to find true human connection? TJ Dawe and Itai Erdal bring their very different personalities to the stage to ask the question: "is it Facebook love or is it real love?"